3D Home Sweet Home gets even better!

3D Home Sweet Home has been further improved. It has less demands on memory consumption from before and offers quicker download time.

It is also getting a modification inside the Unity where users can design their rooms. It’s designed with a basic set of objects to decorate their room. If the users require more objects to design/decorate their room, they could go for more. The used decoration or design will be saved for future usage.

As we encountered the issue of the application crashing due to high memory usage, we decided to work on giving the app more improvement in memory consumption and download time.

Memory is one of the key resources of the mobile device and memory usage of the app. Android devices mostly run on phones with limited memory due to which the app runs out of available memory. The available memory leads to a crash of the application.

A updated 3D app will significantly reduce memory usage. You will invariably notice improved performance on your App. Downloading the App is also quicker now, and it is easy to open the App on your phone and enjoy decorating your own home.