A word from the CEO of Arima Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

I’m Bala V Balasubiramaniyam, Bala for short. I have been appointed as the CEO of Arima Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and I’m very pleased to open this new chapter in my career. I have played varied roles with increasing responsibility in my IT career over the years. I have been a Programmer, IT Administrator/Credit Controller, Senior Software Engineer, Lecturer, Consultant Trainer, IT Technical Manager and CEO in various companies like Joannou & Paraskevaides (O) Ltd, Hepworth P.M.E, Virtusa, IDM and NetAssist International. I started programming in FoxPro/dBaseIII+, RPGII on IBM S/34, S/36 terminals and programmed in and taught C, C++, Java, PHP, Javascript languages to name a few. After working overseas for about 14 years in technical & managerial positions with multinationals, I returned and settled down in Sri Lanka in 2003.

Recently I started my own business venture with the aim of developing products targeting the local market and providing IT services. At this juncture, I was offered an opportunity to work with the team of Arima Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., which I believe will enable me to play a much larger role by utilizing my experience and expertise gained in the IT industry over 30 years. I will work towards a growth of the company in the booming IT industry in Jaffna.

I ride my bicycle to work, and I drive my favorite car Morris Minor during my stay in my hometown Jaffna!

I love my hometown, I love my people and I am back to serve them.