Another Breakthrough For Arima/Vetri Past successful projects have influenced, in winning a new project with the UNDP

We are pleased to announce that, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and CPCD have awarded Arima/Vetri with a new project. It is an IT Based Software Support with an advanced monitoring solution for the Tellipalai DS Office.

This project is basically a Design and Development of Web-based Beneficiary & Project Management, a Reporting System with Mobile Application. It helps to monitor progress of project operations in Divisional level, namely in Tellipalai, by employing the latest cutting-edge ICT tools and technologies.

CFCD is currently engaged with UNDP, Jaffna District Secretariat and Tellipalai Divisional Secretary in proper data management practices.

Arima/Vetri, along with UNDP aims to strengthen the community organization using both Network and Technology.