Arima’s Early Exposure to the IT-World at the University of Jaffna, Kilinochchi Campus

Today, we live in a world where technologies transform our lifestyles. Technologies are also transforming the way we learn.

Arima/Vetri Technologies wanted to help the final year students of the Computer Engineering Faculty of Jaffna to get exposure to the IT industry. With this in mind, the Arima approached the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Jaffna and Head of the Dept of Computer Engineering, Jaffna.

Our suggestion was welcomed with appreciation by the Dean and the Dept of Computer Engineering. We proposed and arranged for a meeting with Arima Management Team and had discussions on the execution plan and various other possible topics to benefit the final year students.

Arima is working on a detailed plan with the Dept of Computer Engineering, the University of Jaffnafollowing our visit.