Arogya.Life Platform is Live now – Deployed at HEMAS Hospitals, Colombo

Hemas Hospital

Hemas Hospitals is a renowned chain of hospitals in Sri Lanka. It holds its prominence as one of the largest private hospitals in the Colombo and its suburban areas.

Hemas Hospitals newest facility in Thalawathugoda is a 60-bed state-of-the-art hospital, designed and built according to the highest international standards.

The vision of Hemas Hospitals is to be Sri Lanka’s most respected healthcare provider and brand of choice for healthcare professionals, touching 5 million lives island wide by 2020. On this regard Team Arogya has strategically partnered with Hemas Hospitals to revolutionize IT solutions in health industry.

Partnership with Arogya Life Systems

Team Arogya.Life has been in a partnership model with HEMAS Hospitals, since 2017. After almost a year of close working relationship, went live at Hemas Hospital Thalawathugoda on 14’th September 2018.

The Arogya core engineering team has been working in HEMAS Hospital premises, for the past 1 year, to sit together with HEMAS Operations and HEAMS IT team, to understand their mission-critical 24 x 7 operations of their large patient care system, where everyone is heavily dependent on technology platform they use.

The working model

There were a lot of brainstorming sessions, between the two teams to understand the pain points of the current system (from a leading Indian S/W giant) they have been using for past 5 years.

This gave both a great insight of what the new system HEMAS really wanted from Arogya.

Team Arogya, quickly comprehended the issues and recognized why the large scale hospitals are stuck with age old systems. Arogya being an agile Med-Tech company, developed a great insight on the reasons behind the struggles of hospitals in aligning their digital road map to achieve their business goals.

We set specific KPIs to achieve with Arogya System, like “The patient waiting time at the queue in hospital front counter, should be reduced from 3 Minutes to 30 seconds!” – And now we are happy to say we achieved it!

Each and every workflow were carefully analyzed, rethought and redesigned over the development of arogya platform and tested thoroughly with end users.

Transition from old systems to Arogya

We planned an incremental replacement of existing system, over August – September period. This was very challenging, given that there are lot of integrations with connected external applications, call centers and PACs systems.

There was also a critical migration process of the existing patient data, appointments and other relevant data they had been using in old system, which had to be done in a limited period of transition time from old system to Arogya time.

Even though it was very challenging, both Arogya as well as HEMAS team are now relieved and heartened by the huge success this launch has brought for each of them.

We are happy to say that the Arogya system is smoothly running for more than a month with minimal glitches to the satisfaction of everyone concerned from staff, nurses, doctors, administration and most importantly patients.

What’s Next?

With the successful experience at HEMAS Thalawathugoda, Arogya Is Preparing for launching the at Hemas Hospital Wattala, which is 2x larger than HEMAS Thalawathugoda.

The feedback from our customers regarding Arogya experience, are very positive and encouraging. We will be sharing the words coming directly from the users in our upcoming news letters.