Arogya Marches Ahead!

After the successful launch of Arogya’s lightning channelling platform at Thalawathugoda last month, Arogya team finds itself working on another big project. Our team has been to the HEMAS Wattala Hospital to restructure and revamp its software and bring it to International standards.

Hemas hospital, Wattala has been renowned for its professional services that are at par with world-class standards. Located in one of the most accessible locations within the Colombo City limit,

The hospital at Wattala is a busy one, staffed with over 150 doctors attending to almost 3000 patients providing consultation in cardiology, radiology, imaging services, physiotherapy department, eye care services and dental department.

This is almost twice the size of Thalawathugoda hospital, where we had revamped the software in October. In Wattala Hospital,

Arogya also facilitates connection with external systems including e-channelling and DOC990 consultation services.

With the lessons learnt from our earlier project, a well-planned checklist has been prepared and Arogya team are equipped to transform the now dated systems to Arogya’s Lightning Channelling within one week of process change ensuring the smooth transition.

Now at Wattala HEMAS hospitals, patients can see digital screens in every channelling rooms, navigation displays with real-time token number updates and nursing assistants guided with smart TABs.

Later this month, Arogya is preparing to launch a mobile touch point for patients, where the patient can interact to get real-time updates that save a lot of time, money and also give the real end to end digital experience.