Founder of the Vetri Holdings LLC USA, Ramoshan Canagasaby met with the team in Jaffna

It is always an inspiration for the founder of the company and the team to meet up and celebrate the success of the projects that were executed as a team. Ramoshan Canaasaby, the founder of the Vetri Holdings LLC who is based out of Silicon Valley, California met with team in Jaffna that is working tirelessly to make all out dream of making Jaffna the next Silicon Valley, true.

Technology professionals & Financial experts visit Arima/Vetri office in Jaffna

Technology professionals from Google, Tech Entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and financial experts from Texas and Manchester, UK visited our facilities in Jaffna last month and met all the team members.

They spent valuable time with the team members and got to know about the projects/products the teams are working on. Even they experimented a few products and was amazed by the ability of the team & the quality of the products.

Recognising the talents and skills in us Entrepreneurs are eager to commit business ventures with Arima/Vetri. We are very proud of our achievements to receive such recognition from them.