Hareesan Rajendra has returned from Singapore to take up fulltime role as a CTO at Cricrush

After some time spent on the sandbox finetuning the idea, Cricrush is taking shape to become one of the fastest growing startups in Sri Lanka. It recently got featured on the blog by crowd island at https://medium.com/crowdisland/the-3-hottest-startups-in-sri-lanka-f89fe66bfe0b.

We are expanding our team to implement our feature-rich roadmap. Two developers and a QA engineer joined our team as full-time employees in Jaffna and Hareesan has taken up as the chief technical executive after returning from Singapore where he was working for past few years. This is very rare and occurrence of reverse brain drain to boost our IT talent.

Not just the technical side, we are focusing on business as well in parallel. We are starting to see positive engagements from potential partners and in the process of formulating proposals for them.

This new year is going to be an exciting one for Cricrush!

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