NPC – Health Portal Training held on 10 September

NP Health Portal is a Health Forum of Northern Province Council that represents a number of different stakeholders and experts who work together in a network to facilitate the development of health services.

They aim to enhance the leadership and operational capacity of the health sector with the vision of a healthier province that focuses more on prevention than cure and contributes to the economic, social, mental and spiritual development of the province.

The Health Forum will be a vibrant platform to mobilise, coordinate, monitor and report all health interventions, especially the Northern health sector requires innovative interventions to cater for the demand of post-war communities, such an increased burden of physical and mental health needs, combined with health needs arising from climate change, emerging epidemiological trends and demographic changes.

We Arima Technologies developed this portal, and conducted a Training Session on the 10th of Sep to the staff at the Ministry of Health of Northern Province, before handing over the portal to them.