Our Team grows in strength

We at Arima/Vetri are excited to welcome Saththy to our team. A software engineer with many skills who left his job in Singapore to join Vetri/Arima with drive and determination.

In a few words, he describes his journey and vision as below

If working in the IT industry for more than five years taught me anything, It’s deliverables that matter. I’ve designed and developed many enterprise applications using various technologies over the years. But I tend not to have a ‘favourite’ technology. Because my approach towards various technology is simple, that is one which can be deliver quickly. Starting as a Software Engineer, everyone’s dream is to build a perfect system. But we often find ourselves not having the luxury of a lot of time and resources. It is an art striking the correct balance between building a perfect system and a complete system. Arima being a startup means it does not have a lot of resources and often has to work on a very tight schedule. It means Arima needs people who can deliver. It means Arima needs people who can scale steep learning curves. I’m a very goal-oriented person. Having the experience of working on demanding projects, I think I can help Vetri/Arima boost its product delivery without compromising in quality.