Stepping stone to Tech Life

Technology has enhanced our perception of everyday life and improved the quality of our living. Lately, Jaffna is becoming the cornerstone of cutting edge technology. Supporting it, Uki life empowers the youth of Jaffna and provide a stepping stone to their Tech Life.

Uki is a proud joint initiative of Yarl IT Hub and ITEE Foundation based out of San Francisco, California. It as an effort to provide an alternative opportunity for students, who were not able to continue university education, to work towards a successful career in the IT Industry. It is also aimed to provide the necessary training to gain Computer Software expertise in the industry and work towards IT startups.

Arima/Vetri takes pride in offering Internships to students who graduate from he UKI to help gain an insight of the real technology world and prepare them for the industry at large. So far we have had 4 interns join us out of them 2 have been absorbed for full time employment.